First Courses

Felicetti fusillo, blue and red shrimp and kissing garlic
26.00 €
( C D G K )
Rascatiello with white ragout of Brillenschaf lamb, fresh Pecorino cheese and marjoram
26.00 €
( C D G )
Risotto with beet and a chiffonade of its leaves, with black summer truffle creamed with lactose-free mayonnaise
30.00 €
( C )
Single-grain pache pasta with rod-caught fish ragout
27.00 €
( B C D E K )
Spelt trenette with pesto, green beans and potatoes
23.00 €
( C G )
Cover charge € 5.00 · Second bread basket 2,50€

Raw materials / Products blast chilled on site
Some fresh food of animal origin and fishery products served raw undergo blast chilling to ensure quality and safety, as described in the HACCP Plan pursuant to Reg. EC 852/04, and Reg. EC 853/04.

Before ordering, customers are invited to inform staff about the need to eat food not containing specific allergens.
All preparations may contain traces of nuts and gluten.

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